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Get to know your intuitive reiki healer, Andrea Watson!

In times of dis-ease and uncertainty, Inspirational Intuitive Reiki has personally helped me "tune in" to my internal compass for guidance and truth.  At completion, there is clarity and I emerge confident with a realization and path forward.  The results of this practice have increased my faith & provided me with a deeper connection to my spirituality to the point where I do not focus my energy on the situation at hand, but instead, I depend on God knowing it is out of my hands and through Him all things are possible. 

About Andrea
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Fun Facts          Andrea Watson


Get to know the woman behind the healing!

  • I am a bit of a foodie. In my free time I enjoy catching up with friends over a good meal. Living in NYC there are so many choices, it's kind of hard not to be a foodie.

  • I LOVE ice cream, my favorite flavor is rocky road.  If I could get away with it, I would serve banana splits once a week for dinner. 

  • Running is a way to get exercise, but I enjoy it too.  It allows me to mentally relax and detach from a long day.  Every year I plan a trip around running a race.  It is a great excuse to travel and it inspires me to go somewhere new.

  • I can wiggle my left ear without moving any other part of my face or head.

  • Almost 40 years ago I was given a pen pal in a German language class.  We later met in person and keep in close contact today.  To this day, we visit with each other like family.

  • I enjoy supporting unique ideas that are found on Kickstarter you can always find me browsing the technological section for the next new thing!

  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Mostly because there are no expectations just coming together as a family and giving thanks. It is a time that we come together as family/friends and share a meal. 

  • I am always looking for the next trip. I love traveling.  My thought of a fun vacation is somewhere warm that offers a vibrant cultural experience.  One of my favorite places to go is Curacao.  

  • I enjoy crocheting and find it very relaxing.  It is fulfilling in that my brain does not have to do a lot of work and a beautiful creation emerges.  I have made sweaters hats, scarfs, booties, blankets, and doilies.

Fun Facts


about reiki


ALL ABOUT                           REIKI

Inspirational Intuitive Reiki shares God’s love through energy healing, allowing us to return to the basics and recognize He hears our requests and cares about our every need.  Life may not always be easy, and we are often faced with challenges, but when we put God's healing energy in the center it all comes together.  Healing starts when we lean into God and make the choice to have a positive outlook despite life’s circumstances.


In the presence of your spirit team and God’s healing energy, together we will work holistically to balance the mind, body, & spirit by clearing any energetic blockages.  As a result, you may experience a sense of clarity that places you more in alignment with your life’s purpose and journey.  Supporting messages from your angels, archangels, guides, and loved ones will be shared in hopes of providing their guidance for your highest good.

Although Inspirational Intuitive energy is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. 

Learn About

My Process


Introduction and “meeting of the minds”

Once you book your session, we will have a brief discussion where I will share the benefits of energy healing and allow you to share insight to your personal journey.  Understanding why you chose to have a reiki session will help tailor the encounter specifically to you!



You are then guided through a short meditation (2-3 minutes). This will help set the tone, allowing you to focus and relax.


Energy Healing

You are encouraged to relax as we move through the energy centers of the body: Top of the head (crown), forehead (third eye), throat, heart, upper abdomen (solar plexus), lower abdomen (sacral), base of the spine (root). During this time there is open communication between us. You are welcome to relax in total silence or share what you are thinking, feeling, or seeing throughout.


Recap & Review

We will then close out with a session review and inspirational intuitive discussion of information that may help you in your life’s journey.

My Process




  • Want to feel unstuck and view your circumstances from a more positive point of view

  • Want to ease tension, anxiety, and stress, relax, and thereby obtain mental clarity.

  • Want to have a more positive outlook which will increase your confidence on how to move forward.  

  • Want to feel more in-tune with yourself and your truth


  • An individual that does not believe in a higher power, and believes that they are self sufficient. 

  • Someone who does not want better:  Knows they are in a low vibration (stress, anxiety, sadness, depression) and does not want to put the energy in to change their thinking and get out of their own way. 

  • One that is not open to spirituality.

  • A negative and sarcastic individual who doubts the power of reiki.

For you?

Frequently Asked Questions

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