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Take Control of Your Day !

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Set your day up for success

Are you always on the go and want a simple way to set your day up for success? We know words can set the tone in a conversation. Similarly, they can be used to lift your vibration, motivate, and inspire you to be your best self. When faced with a tough situation there isn’t always time to gather your thoughts and change the mood or mindset. That is when one-word mantras can be used to lift your vibration and change your focus. It is a grounding force to quickly propel you in a positive direction.

Using words to your advantage

Power, strength, confidence, guidance, knowledge, wisdom, patience, perseverance, and peace…. Repeatedly using these words over the years has woven them into my very being and way of thinking. This kind of focus allows their use to lift the vibration and put a positive spin on most situations. During morning reflection, each mantra is spoken, and a pause follows to acknowledge what they represent. In a way, they act as a “mini quick-prayer”. By themselves they appear as just words, however when united with the divine they take on a deeper meaning.

My Collection

Each of the one-word mantras below are followed by an inspirational thought that comes to mind during reflection. The description below dives in deeper and further explains where the inspiration originates.

Power: Recognize miracles daily both big and small.

It is important to recognize when staying in expectance for a miracle, they come in all sizes. This can be as simple as being too busy to contact an individual, and out of the blue you receive a phone call from them. We have miracles happen to us all day long and miss out on the joy of acknowledging and accepting them. “Power” in the simplest state brings joy. It is what you need that you are graciously given unexpectedly.

Strength: Gather all that you are to move forward.

Strength represents a tolerance to progress forward and keep it moving, despite a million things coming at you. When calling upon strength, it immediately dissipates the drama and crazy that can sometimes creep into the day. Often when faced with a frustrating situation, power and strength are usually called on in the same breath. No matter how challenging the situation, calling on power and strengths shifts and uplifts where you are.

Confidence: You are fierce & unstoppable!

Confidence calls for pause within. Here it is important to lean into “Who I am, and Whose I am”. There is a purpose and a plan. We are valuable and here at this moment in time for a reason. For this alone you are fierce and unstoppable!

Guidance: Listen to your inner compass.

We have all made a last minute decision and later realized if the previous plans were followed it would have been a different outcome. When asking for guidance it is important to listen to the voice within. Following the voice within can lead you down the pathway to success.

Knowledge: Draw upon divine silent understanding.

Knowingness is a powerful state and often works in hand with guidance. When asking for guidance you can also receive knowledge and direction on what needs to transpire. “Knowledge” has been most powerful when deep within your soul you receive a knowingness, that beyond a shadow of a doubt this is how we should move forward; of what needs to happen to get the job done.

Wisdom: Use past experiences to your advantage.

Hindsight is 20 - 20, after the fact we always view things differently. When all of the facts are known it is easy to make a decision. If you knew then, what you know now, you would have done things differently. It is important to draw upon our past experiences to help navigate situations. When in a tough spot call for wisdom. You can also be bold taking it to the next level and ask for divine wisdom. God is all knowing, there is nothing purer and more guiding than His wisdom.

Perseverance: Push through “the noise” while focusing on the goal.

Pushing through and never giving up no matter how challenging it feels. Perseverance calls on a focused inner strength that reaches outward to grasp the end result.

Patience: “Waiting power”….with myself, others, and God.

Whether it is waiting on something to come to pass or a delay in a request from another person, they all require “waiting power”. This waiting power requires faith and endurance. We may want that something now, but now may not be the time to receive it. What we look at as a delay, God may be looking at as a set up. He is putting the necessary pieces in place, so that when it is received it is perfect timing.

Immediate gratification isn’t always the answer…..good things come to those that wait.

Peace: Be Still….knowing a higher power is in control.

Believing God is in control and what will be delivered will be for our highest good.

How to create your own

When reflecting on your own personal journey, one-word mantras should speak to your very being and have substance to their meaning. These one-word mantras may be just what you were looking for and create the tone you are wanting. If so, please adopt them as your own. It is quite possible, you will be led to create your own. The process starts by identifying words that inspire and keep you in a positive mindset. Reflecting on why the words bring joy to your soul will solidify their placement on the list. Remember to use them to change the focus and lift your vibration. Amid the busy and crazy, you too will be able to flip your circumstance in the right direction.

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